January 1, 2022

What To Do In Boston For The New Year

Looking for what to do in Boston during the winter months? We’ve got you covered!

We know there is nothing better than going to see a LIVE comedy show at Improv Asylum, but we can’t perform 24/7………and believe us, we have tried it.

So, what can you do if you are traveling to Boston this winter for the New Year and are looking for fun activities to fill your time before coming to see one of our awesome shows? 

We’ve got you covered! Here are some of our favorite things to do in Boston during the winter months!

Seven Best Ways To Explore Boston In The Winter


1. Frog Pond Skating

Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel And Tourism

Think you got what it takes to make it as a pro skater? Or……maybe not. 

Either way bring your talent (or lack thereof) to the frog pond for their winter skating! 

During the freezing months, which is most of them in New England, the frog pond is sectioned off into Boston’s best skating rink.

It is perfect for anyone looking to spend a fun day on ice, and the skating should keep your blood pumping enough to stop it from freezing in your veins. 

Admission is only six dollars for anyone over fifty eight inches, and free for anyone under! Skates can be rented there, or you can bring your own if you have them. 

Grab some friends, spouses, partners, family, or random acquaintances and head to the rink for a few hours! Then when you are done you’ll find yourself right in the heart of Boston with a million shops and restaurants to go warm up in!

Really, there is no better activity to do than this. 


2. Walk Through The Public Garden

Photo Credit: Chris Devers

Winter is the perfect time for a stroll through the Public Gardens! During the holidays the entire garden is filled with lights that turn it into a winter wonderland of sorts that is fantastic to explore.

Grabbing a coffee and heading over in the evening to watch the sunset is one of the best ways anyone in Boston can end their day, other than coming to one of our shows.

During your stroll be sure to take a moment to pause on the bridge in the center of the garden for an incredible view of the Swan Boats in action. 

Also, see if you can find the Make Way For Ducklings statue and take a photo of their attire for the day. They change clothes depending on what is happening in the city.

Will they be wearing Bruins gear to cheer for the playoffs? Or maybe they bundled up against the cold of an impending blizzard? It’s anyone’s guess how they will be decked out, but always fun to find out!


3. See A Show

Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel And Tourism

There is no place like Improv Asylum for live comedy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great places around! 

Looking for stand up? Check out our sister club Laugh Boston, which boasts nationally touring comedians every weekend, with special performances occasionally throughout the week!

Or maybe you want to get dinner and a show? Cappo basement hosts a weekly comedy show in their basement, where you can laugh the night away while eating some delicious Italian food.

Or, catch some open mic comedy in one of the many bars featuring weekly shows around the city! 

Looking for something other than comedy? Boston has a vibrant theater scene that is currently making a comeback. Check out what’s playing at the Boston Opera House, or maybe check out a show at The House Of Blues. 

Still not your jam? Looking for something weirder? Check out a show by Blue Man Group: an experimental show that is definitely one of a kind (we won’t even attempt to explain it, just check it out!). 

There is so much going on in Boston during the winter that no matter what you are looking for, there is a theater out there doing it. So get some tickets and enjoy!


4. Take a Donut Tour

Photo Credit: The U.S. National Archives

Okay, this one is pretty obscure, but also an absolute must if you have a great appetite and want to explore Boston in a unique way.

Boston offers Donut Tours, which feature stops in many lesser known donut shops around downtown Boston and the historic North End!

When you sign up you will meet your guide in the heart of the city and bounce from donut shop to donut shop, all while being given a tour of the city complete with non donut related facts.

You will get a history lesson, a sightseeing tour, and a chance to get some tasty treats all in one!

Bonus: the tour ends in the North End, which is where our club is located! So take the tour and then bring us some donuts— we are starving artists after all!


5. Visit the best lights in Boston

Photo Credit: Leslee_atFlickr

Want to get lit? Well, at this point in the year most of Boston already is (both the city and its inhabitants). 

Just wandering around the city you will find beautiful lights strung up for the winter season.

The Boston Common and Public Garden both boast some of the best lights around, but our personal favorite is Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park.

This area is right by the harbor, and is only a short walk from Downtown Crossing, Faneuil Hall, The North End, and the Boston Aquarium. 

Easily the best spot to see the city lit up at night, you not only will see the beautiful archways that cascade like waterfalls, but if you look out to the harbor you can see the whole city lit up as well. 

Grab a coffee and a sandwich and go here for a beautiful view you will definitely want to take a photo of (or better yet, forget the phone and just remember it!). 


6. Visit Walden Pond (great spot for winter)

Photo Credit: Olekinderhook

This is possibly the most relaxing and beautiful activity on the list, and also one of the cheapest (AKA FREE)! 

Walden pond is an incredible place to explore. It boasts beautiful pathways, exquisite views of the pond (which is beautiful when frozen), and historic architecture to explore.

Okay, we may be exaggerating when we say ‘historic architecture’. Really, it’s just a log cabin that a man built to escape from the world— but it is still very cool (and lately we can all understand wanting to escape from the world, right?). 

At Walden Pond you can see where Henry David Thoreau lived, and take the time to see what it must have been like to escape into the woods. Whether you are a history buff or not, you will love this natural park located just outside the city!


7. Take a tour of Fenway Park

Photo Credit: Werner Kunz

Speaking of history, did you know that Boston is home to one of the oldest and most beloved ballparks in the country? 

If you didn’t you have either been hiding under a rock, or are a die hard yankees fan (who are still welcome at our club by the way). 

Fenway park may not be hosting games at the moment, since ball players don’t like frost bite, but they are still holding tours of the park! This is definitely worth your time whether you’re a baseball fan or not. 

The ballpark is definitely unique, with a long history and deep routes in Boston. Not only is it a place filled with memories that define sports culture over the last hundred years, it is also one of the quirkiest ballparks around. 

Go check out the Green Monster and the Pesky pole, or take a photo of the iconic Citgo sign that towers above the park! Tours can be booked now for as little as 27 dollars, and go for about an hour with a knowledgeable guide to lead you.

After taking this tour even Yankee fans will be tempted to convert (hopefully)!


Go Explore!

There you are! Seven of our favorite things to do in the winter to fill those lonely hours before our show starts. 

Go check them out, then come and tell us all about it!

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