50% Capacity, 100% Funny

We're Back!

We’re Back, Boston!

We’re so excited to be able to return, even if it’s in a reduced capacity, and we’re looking forward to blowing the doors wide open and clearing away the cobwebs to present shows.

Our Main Stage cast will be presenting 80-minute all-improv shows on Friday and Saturday nights as we slowly ramp back up a more robust schedule.

Starting April 2nd, Fridays and Saturdays will have shows at both 7:30 and 10 PM!

Our New York theater is still planning their reopening, see what they’ve got here.



Here are some common questions we’ve been getting about reopening:

Are you requiring masks?

Yes, all audience members and staff members will be wearing masks. Our actors will not because you’re pretty much paying to see their faces (but they are getting tested regularly!).

Can I buy a drink?

Yes, you can get a drink from our bar. We will be offering at-bar service and pre-order service through Noble. Drinks can be brought from the bar to your seat in the theater. We just ask that after each massive gulp, you put your mask back over your mouth and nose. Don’t worry, our actors will demonstrate at the top of the show.

What will seating be like in the theater?

We’re currently only selling half of the seats in our theater in order to be sure we can spread patrons out. We’ll be sure to at least have a seat between you and another patron that is not a member of your party.

Anything else I should know?

Our goal is to make sure our audience feels as safe as possible to ensure that you can enjoy the show and your entire experience at our theater. We’ll be deeply disinfecting the space between each performance, keeping social distance protocols in the bar line, and reducing the number of people in the bathrooms at the same time. Any patron that refuses to follow our safety protocols will be asked to leave the premises.