An Interactive Comedy Tour

Unmute Yourself

Improv Asylum, in conjunction with Laugh Boston and Asylum Productions, is excited to announce Unmute Yourself: The Interactive Comedy Tour available for your school in 2021! Comedy is alive and well in 2021, and Unmute Yourself: The Interactive Comedy Tour brings the best college campus comedy shows in the USA right to your campus via the best-in-class video streaming production.

What makes Unmute Yourself, an Interactive Comedy Experience a must-have for your campus? Let’s start with the production. Because for virtual shows, production matters – a lot. All shows are live-streamed from our live streaming studio at Laugh Boston, one of the premier comedy clubs in the country. Each streaming show is delivered by a three-camera shoot right from the stage. Dedicated video and audio and streaming engineers ensure the absolute best live streaming quality available. With professional lighting and sound, as well as hosting a live studio audience, Unmute Yourself: The Interactive Comedy Tour guarantees the audience at home has the same experience as watching a comedy special.

And while the technical production is paramount to any live streaming performance, what will have your campus buzzing will be the sheer comedic talent of the cast of Improv Asylum, one of the most legendary improv comedy theaters in the world. The interactive nature of the show, with suggestions taken in real-time from the audience, ensures that each performance is fast-paced, funny, and always original.

Unmute Yourself: The Interactive Comedy Tour delivers much-needed comic relief for your campus. Let the veterans of over 20 years and 20,000 performances deliver a stress-free virtual show that your student body will rave about all semester long! For booking inquiries, schedule a call, or email us to discuss options for your college campus comedy show programming ideas!