Bring someone special to your next event!

Special Guests

Improv Asylum is excited to announce the Special Guest Program at Risata!

Partnering with some of Boston’s best comedians, favorite reality tv stars and local celebrities, Improv Asylum is giving patrons of Risata the chance to have their special guest join them at their table at Risata for a course or a cocktail.

Reserve your special guest or Improv Asylum Actor Experience here!

Boston Comedy Legends

As Co-Founder / CEO of Improv Asylum and Laugh Boston, author of the Art of Making Sh!t Up, international speaker and improv trainer, Norm is also one of our favorite special guests and a can’t-miss addition to your party.

$150 for 20 minutes

Norm Laviolette

Kelly MacFarland is an award-winning comedian, writer, actress, and all-around hilarious fixture on the Boston comedy scene. As a “clairvoyant comic,” Kelly will offer psychic readings of the future for everyone in your group!

$100 for 20 mins.

Kelly MacFarland

Corey Rodrigues is a nationally-touring award-winning comedian featured on Conan O’Brien and the creator and star of the viral sensation, Corey’s Stories.

$100 for 20 minutes

Corey Rodrigues

Boston comedy legend Steve Sweeney has been making people laugh for decades. Featured in films and TV shows like “There’s Something About Mary” and “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist,” Sweeney’s ability for live performance remains his true love and it will come across with him joining your party.

$400 for 20 minutes

Steve Sweeney

Reality TV and Local Celebs

The man behind the Music at Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, and the Boston Garden and host of the online radio show “Uncertain Times,” TJ Connolly can talk equal parts Boston Sports lore and cutting edge music

$50 for 20 minutes.

TJ Connolly

Helen Lin is a veteran of “American Ninja Warrior” and an overall fitness guru specializing in rock climbing and ice swimming with her own personal training business.

$50 for 20 minutes

Helen Lin

Improv Asylum Experiences

Want to argue? We have just the thing for your group — invite the Devil’s Advocate, an acclaimed Improv Asylum actor will join your party to settle bets, stir the pot, and argue any counterpoint in a fun, not-so-serious way. 

$50 20 minutes

Devil’s Advocate

Social Justice Warrior, actor, producer, director, professional nurse, and leader in Social Justice causes in Boston and beyond, Misch will sit with your group and let you all know what you’re doing right and wrong for this time we’re all spending together on the planet. 

$100 (25% of proceeds will go to various social causes)

Misch Whitaker

Life, man… Am I right? If you’re struggling to figure out your next big move, our Non-certified Life Coaches, played by acclaimed Improv Asylum actors, will help you through your life and career goals in a humorous way. 

$50 for 20 mins.

Life Coach

Perfect for a fun date night! Does your relationship need some “help”? Our Non-Certified Relationship Coaches, played by acclaimed Improv Asylum actors, will work through your dilemmas in a gentle, playful and humorous way. 

$50 for 20 minutes

Relationship Coach