Sunday. 8:00 pm.

The NXT Show

The freshest faces in Boston comedy, the NXT Cast brings you their brand new show, The Discarded! Join the cast as they welcome you to Boston with their comedic and musical takes on everything from iconic Boston movies to a wrestler’s self-expression, office gossip, powder room oppression, reality television, and why detectives don’t trust their wives. The Discarded plays on Sunday and Tuesday nights at 8 pm.

Sundays and Tuesdays   | 8:00 pm

The Cast

Nate is an improviser and ex-standup comedian who grew up in Boston. Prior to his role on the NXT cast, Nate was a member of Improv Asylum’s House Teams for four years and is a graduate of the IA Training Center. In addition to NXT shows, Nate can be seen performing every other Wednesday at ImprovBoston’s Harold Night and the first and third Friday of every month at the HI Boston Hostel with indie team My Dinosaur Life. Outside of improv, Nate pursued standup comedy for two-and-a-half years, performing at Nick’s Comedy Stop and the Mendoza Line at the Dugout Café. Outside of comedy, Nate loves to read about performance science, data analysis, and the evaluation of NBA prospects.

Nate Davis

Dan is proud to use his prestigious Math degree for two things: Improv. He has applied these skills as a performer on the NXT, House Teams, Lit Night, many one-off indie extravaganzas, and as the producer of the hit show Tight Five. From starting at the box office in 2014 to performing on a resident cast since 2018, Dan is immensely proud of his first 6 years at Improv Asylum.

Dan Hirshfield

Self-proclaimed Boston’s biggest bad boy, James Melloni, is actually one of the nicest people you will ever meet. The former animation script writer turned improviser is very excited to be a part of the NXT cast and has dreams of one day having a bit part on a CW show. Nothing too big, maybe he owns a shop that the main characters visit from time to time. James is a regular at Chow n Joy in Somerville, where he orders a General “GAO” chicken combo with boneless spare ribs and crab rangoon. It comes with fried rice, of course. His record phone order time is three seconds. He has a problem and he is not willing to fix it.

James Melloni

Kellie is incredibly excited to join the NXT cast! Her passion for theater started at a young age when her mom rented Cats the musical on VHS from the library. She went on to study Theater at Salem State University and was also a part of their improv troupe, Grandma’s 3rd Leg. Her passion then led her to take classes at Improv Asylum, which then led to performing on House Teams! Kellie can also be found writing bits every month for Lit Night and working at the New England Aquarium down the street!

Kellie Moon

Marielle O’Malley is thrilled to be a part of Improv Asylum’s NXT cast. An alumnus of IA’s Training Center, House Teams, and Trash Birds, she also performs Fridays at the HI Boston Hostel with My Dinosaur Life. She would like to thank her friends, family and the IA community for their wonderful support. She has been called ‘So talented, honey!’ by several of her aunts.

Marielle O’Malley

Steph is an Indiana native—Go Hoosiers! Her tale is as old as Boston time—she left home for grad school, joined an improv troupe, and never looked back. Ok, ahem, maybe not the improv part. Steph is the creator of the Hostel Takeover where she performs with My Dinosaur Life, is a member of the all women’s sketch team Trash Birds, and you can catch her the third Thursday of every month directing, writing, and performing in Lit Night! Steph loves performing and is so excited to be with Improv Asylum’s NXT cast. Big hug to all Steph’s family and friends for their love and support.

Steph Simon