Thursday. 8:00 pm

Tampons, Tears & Triumphs

Exciting news. We’re inviting you to one big girly sleepover, where you share weird secrets about your body and let out all your feelings. Except, it’s an hour, and guys can come.

And we think the invitation is long overdue. There are SO many things that women go through with cheesy grins on our faces like nothing’s happening! That’s what we’re expected to do, isn’t it? Because if we complain about it, or cry about it, or really say anything about it, we’re just being “girls.” Welp, F that noise. This storytelling and show is an open conversation about the things we usually hide – FINALLY – cause the painfully real stuff is the funny stuff.

Come share your stories, and we’ll improvise off of them and share ours. Together, we’ll triumph. @tamponstearstriumphs

Thursday, March 12th |  8:00pm  | $12/advance, $15/door