Saturday. 11:30 pm

Shot4Shot Presents: Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone

Shot4Shot is an immersive, nonstop, hilarious ride through your favorite movies. Mostly scripted and partially improvised actors are cast regardless of what the role calls for and presents their own take. Scripts are handed out day of, drinking rules rolled out, and fun is had.

You may have plans this sixth day of the week but Shot4Shot has other things in mind. Accio beer!

Saturday, January 25  |  11:30pm  |  $10

Harry Potter… Jibri Nurridin
Hermione Granger… Billy Fenderson
Ronald Weasley… Leah Evans
Draco Malfoy… Olivia Wardwell
Dumbledore… Pedro Lee
Ginny Weasley… Joel Shaughnessy
Sonia Nam
Heather Jewels Booth
Melissa Parker Caron
Matthew Schrader
Jack Rokicki
Jerry Burgos
Nick Carrillo
Andy Fitch