Friday. 7:30 pm.

Main Stage Show

The Main Stage Show combines interactive improv sets with hilarious, topical sketches that are sure to leave audiences clamoring for more. Audience suggestions help inspire scenes on stage that are made up on the spot guaranteeing that no two shows are ever the same. This 90-minute show is performed in two acts with a brief intermission. The Main Stage cast comes together on Friday and Saturday evenings to build a new experience every night. 


Our Main Stage show officially opens on November 2nd and will be continuously running on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm.

The Cast

Trevor was born on Cape Cod and moved to Boston to study acting and writing at Suffolk University in 2006. Trevor spent the next eight years traveling around North America performing improv and sketch comedy with his award-winning college improv troupe and with the critically-acclaimed Improv Asylum Boston cast. In 2014 Trevor took his talents and student loan debt to the Big Apple where he performs in the shows Simply Unemloyable, Angry Landlord, and Small Talk. You can also check him out playing obnoxious football fans on or really showing his range as a Jock in the “80’s Bullies” Geico commercial. Follow him on Twitter @hoagiejr because that is what all the kids are doing. Trevor thanks you, his sister Alex, and his mom and dad (an even better twitter follow @hoagie64) and hopes you enjoy the show.

Trevor Livingston

Sarvenaz Ashley Elmi is an Iranian American actress, writer, and comedian from the place where those are made: Boxford, Massachusetts. She began her career at Improv Asylum Boston in 2011, working as an actor and writer on The NXT Cast. Her improv credits also include Improv Boston’s Cage Match Championship Title with WNBA, an all-female troupe, as well as a weekly variety show with Just Suspects Comedy. In 2014, she moved to New York City to continue her pursuits, writing and performing sketches at The People’s Improv Theater with T Sketch Comedy and Steve’s Hard Milk. She graduates from the Riggio Honors Program for Writing and Democracy at The New School in 2019, and is honored to be on the first Main Stage cast at Improv Asylum New York. Thank you so much for coming!

Sarvenaz Ashley Elmi

Vicki Hanes hails from West Roxbury, MA and has been a performer since the ripe age of 6. She studied Theater Performance at Suffolk University in Boston where she got her start with improv on the award-winning college troupe, Seriously Bent. Vicki went on to be a performer on the Main Stage cast at Improv Asylum Boston until she moved to New York in the Fall of 2017. Vicki is also a student at UCB and frequent performer at many of the improv theaters around the city. She’d like to thank her parents, her sister, and her countless pugs. Check her out at and follow her @theyoungvic on any currently relevant social media platform.

Vicki Hanes

Dana is a performer, teacher, coach, and ridiculous distance runner originally from Framingham, Massachusetts and currently in a long term relationship with Washington Heights.  Dana has been improvising at Indie Road on Sundays at 7 with Student Driver at The PIT for almost as long as she can remember. She can also be found putting puns in the oven with ComedySportz NYC. Dana is super honored to be making her debut at Improv Asylum alongside this immensely talented group of people.

Dana Shulman

Cavan, which is pronounced like Gavin but with a C, is thrilled to be on the first Improv Asylum New York cast. He started studying and performing improv at Suffolk University and Improv Asylum Boston. In the past he has been part of the NXT and Main Stage Casts in Boston. Cavan has also taken classes and workshops at UCB and The Second City and has done a number of live shows throughout New York. In 2014 he moved to New York to pursue his dreams of being type-cast as an ambiguous-meth-addicted-prostitute-teen, which oddly enough he doesn’t play in this show! To learn more about him follow him on Instagram or Twitter @cavanrogers.

Cavan Rogers

Christian is very excited to be performing on the Main Stage of Improv Asylum. Christian can also be seen performing at the PIT on Student Driver and was recently a member of a monthly comedy show called “Angry Landlord” at The Producers Club in Hells Kitchen. Christian completed the UCB Improv Training program and has received the Diversity Scholarship multiple times. When he isn’t performing on stage, he’s working with Three Bridges Productions run by Lara Goldie and Catherine Beckett. Together the team has created over 35 sketches and three comedic pilots. Christian has appeared on HBO’s “Random Acts of Flyness,” and CBS’s “Bull.” You can find even more at His mom still thinks he’s visiting New York to interview for “real jobs.”

Christian Roberts