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Brian Dibello

Brian DiBello

Brian once saw a show here nearly a decade ago. He liked it so much that he signed up for a class. Classes gave way to auditions, some good and many not so good. Years went by and before he knew it, the man with a degree in economics was working on this stage asking for suggestions instead of yelling them. So, welcome to his second home now- the basement. He hopes you enjoy what he’s done with the place!  This is the twelfth main stage revue that Brian has been a part of and his seventh as a full time cast member. He’s also an alum of the NXT cast, All the Single Ladies, and House Teams. And if you close your eyes and listen real hard, yeah, that voice was once in a Dragon Naturally Speaking commercial. Brian has many people to thank for getting him here, but most especially, he’d like to thank his wife, Natalie, who has seen more shows than she’s probably cared to and his two sons, Desmond and Damien, who have made life an improvised comedy every day. Enjoy the show. Then maybe sign up for classes. And then.. who knows…

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