Sunday. 6:00 pm

My Mom Died When I Was Fourteen (A Comedy)

“My Mom Died When I Was 14 (A Comedy)” is the award winning one man show from Matthew Gudernatch, who touches on what it was like to lose his mother at a tender age, when all of his friends were going through puberty and he was emphatically not.

There are stories, songs, jokes, and other attempts to turn all of the unending pain he’s endured into a fun performance with maybe just a pinch of male nudity. It’s like the Carol Burnett Show if she was obsessed with death as a pre-pubescent boy.

Sunday, November 18   |   6:00pm   |   $10

About Matt Gudernatch

Matthew Gudernatch is a writer, actor, and producer who got his start at Improv Asylum. Matthew has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 2010, showing up in dozens of commercials and TV shows (Black-ish, The Daily Show), and occasionally having a baby with his wife.
He has been fired by both American Eagle and The Gap, and one time his veterinarian charged him an extra fifteen dollars to spay his cat because she was deemed to be “obese.”