Thursday. 8:00 pm

Joyce and Edie’s Cocaine Christmas

Joyce and Edie are two unsuccessful showgirls who have turned their cabaret show into a holiday extravaganza!!  Celebrate Christmas of 1968 with our two favorite washed-up Broadway starlets! If you liked the warmth and family-friendly nature of Judy Garland’s NBC Christmas special but missed the drugs and alcohol of Judy’s real life, then this is the show for you! Watch as these girls sing the old holiday standards, meet their friends and family as they drop in for a visit, and maybe, if we are all on our best behavior, the big man Santa Claus himself will make a visit. Joyce and Edie would love to open their home, their bottles, and their hearts to anyone who loves a blast from the past and a little snow. If you love a mid-Atlantic accent, the movie White Christmas and don’t mind being on the naughty list, get your ticket now.

Starring Improv Asylum Main Stage actors Erin Farrington and Vicki Hanes.

Thursday, December 12 |  8:00pm  |  $10