Thursday. 10:00 pm

[Insert Musical] Jokes

It’s Cabaret meets Sketch Comedy. No. It’s Sketch Comedy meets Musical Theater. That’s not right either. Cabaret Comedy? Musical Sketch Theater?! [Insert Musical] Jokes is a monthly variety featuring all new, original content – and everything is inspired by one of your favorite musicals. Each month, Anthony and Jeff are joined by some of the best comedians and broadway performers NYC has to offer to create something truly magical and truly hilarious. The show takes a pure and unadulterated love of musical theatre and bastardizes it with avant-garde sketch comedy. Each show is inspired by a different musical, and past shows have included: Into the Jokes! (an Into the Woods inspired night of comedy) and Spring AwakenJokes! (a comedy variety show where Jeff and Anthony took you to the school across the street from the school in Spring Awakening, a school where the kids, in fact, love to learn…).

Thursday, October 24th |   10:00pm   |   $10

Or FREE with your ticket from that night’s 8:00pm The Hustle Showcase performance!