Tonight. 10:00 pm.

Main Stage Show

The Main Stage Presents:

Stars and Swipes Forever

Our Main Stage cast has a fresh revue with all the content you crave! So put away those phones and join them for a 90-minute IRL adventure where you‘ll seek out the one diet to rule them all, tackle the pesky troubles of job automation, deal with a wedding shower that is just a bit extra, and sort through the emotional wreckage that is a shopping addiction.

The Main Stage cast comes together on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings to build a new experience every night.  Come see why Improv Asylum has been voted Boston’s Best Comedy!


Thursdays @ 8:00pm
Friday & Saturdays @ 7:30pm & 10:00pm

The Cast

Billy Cox

Kelly studied Theater at Suffolk University where she got her start with improv as a member of the Nationally Award winning troupe Seriously Bent. Kelly has performed at The PIT in NYC, taken classes with Upright Citizens Brigade, and is an alumnus of IA’s NXT cast and House Teams. She is thrilled to be back for another Mainstage revue! She would like to thank her father for being her rock, her sister for being beautiful, and her friends and roommates for creating the best family a gal could ask for. She dedicates this and all shows to her mother. Let it be.

Kelly Dooley

Matt got his start at Improv Asylum as a wide-eyed usher. He then went on to join House Teams and the NXT cast. He is also a founding member of the Just Suspects. When he is not at Improv Asylum he can be found writing about himself in the third person.

Matt Griffin

Anne likes improv! She started in college, and now she teaches improv workshops in schools and prisons in Boston. She is a Pre-K teacher by day, and enjoys playing pretend with children as well as adults. She is over the moon to be a part of this terrific cast, and is so thankful that at this job people pee their pants slightly less than at her other job.

Anne Krane

Joey Lopez was an Air Force Captain and alum of the Air Force Academy before he threw it all away to pursue entertainment full time. Joey would like to thank his babe of a wife, Siobhan, for putting up with his Lego addiction, feeding him, and her constant support of his comedy pipe dreams. A big thank you to his friends and family for coming to shows. Special thanks to Bill Connolly, Marty Johnson, Kiley Fitzgerald, Ryan McFarland, Teddy Myers, Jeremy Brothers, Tony Passafiume, and Ryan Bernier for putting Joey on stage with people far funnier than him. Joey is one sixteenth Mexican… Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Joey Lopez

Sam went out on a limb her freshman year of college auditioning for the school’s improv team and hasn’t looked back since. She’s been performing at Improv Asylum since 2016 on House Teams, NXT, and the all female indie team Trash Birds. She’s made appearances in a variety of other improv and sketch shows around Boston, but is very excited to now call Improv Asylum’s Mainstage her new home! When she’s not in the North End’s favorite basement theater, you can find her eating fancy cheese, kicking a soccer ball, or roaming the frozen foods aisle at the nearest Trader Joe’s. Follow her at @Sammerryland on Instagram for show updates, recaps of “The Bachelor,” and unsolicited life advice.

Sam Merriweather