Thursday. 10:00 pm

Deleted Scenes

So, maybe you’ve seen an Improv Asylum Main Stage or NXT revue. You’ve seen the well-crafted sketches go up onstage that have mass amounts of applauding and laughter (hopefully). What you may not know is how much work goes into writing each one of those successful sketches- and how many are proposed in a rehearsal process that don’t quite make the cut. Every rehearsal process produces a lot of really fun, weird, endearingly stupid things do not make the show. For years, we worried those things would never find a home. Well, now they have! Welcome to “Deleted Scenes”!

Join members of Improv Asylum’s Main Stage and NXT casts as they present to you scenes that were cut from their final revues for whatever reason. Some were cut for time, others… for good reason. They say you have to kill your darlings, and we will, but we need you to sit through them first. The actors will share what they were thinking when they wrote them, why they were ultimately cut, and let you decide if you should be buried forever or maybe get a second chance!

Thursday, May 9th |  10:00pm  |  $5

or FREE with your ticket from the 8:00pm show that evening!