Tuesday. 7:30 pm

Deep Learning with Merrill Grambell

The First Show Hosted By Artificial Intelligence

We live in a world where everything is connected, smart fridges, salt dispensers, egg timers, and even hair brushes. What about smart theatre…

That sounds like a Ummm, ok-ish idea. Well, that’s what this show is.

Deep Learning with Merrill Grambell is the first show completely hosted by artificial intelligence as it interacts with real-life comedians, musicians, technologists and other interesting guests from all over the world. It’s sort of as if Clippy from Microsoft Word and Bonzi Buddy got together and made a talk show. Because the show is hosted by AI nobody has any idea what will happen, but hopefully, it will get better every performance.

Tuesday, June 25th  |  7:30pm  |  $15



Dan Ryckert

Dan Ryckert is a producer at Giant Bomb, a professional wrestling manager/commissioner, and the author of five books. He set two Guinness World Records and got married at a Taco Bell.

Tala Schlossberg

Tala Schlossberg is an animator and designer currently working for the New York Times. She recently moved to New York from Squamish, British Columbia where she studied science communication, looking at how creative visual media can be used to convey complex ideas. From spherical trigonometry to the Norwegian butter crises, Tala uses humor, animation, and evidence to communicate a diverse range of important issues. During her studies she also spent a month in Antarctica, studying the effects of climate change and geopolitics.

Tala is interested in the role that humor serves as a mode of communication, and recently completed an animated mini-series, which she animated, scripted and produced original music for. Tala has performed stand-up comedy around the greater Vancouver area and is excited to start exploring the scene in NYC.

When she isn’t working on a project, Tala enjoys backpacking, word games and playing her harmonica.


Gerald Williams

Gerard “HipHopGamer” Williams fell in love with videogames at the early age of 4 years old. Gerard’s youth was a raw as it gets. Abandoned by his mother in his tender years, Gerard found solace in music and in videogames which were introduced to him by his grandmother Margaret Williams, known to many has the Hip-Hop Granny. It was through their strong connection that Gerard first picked up his Atari game remote, which became a way to keep her grandchildren entertained in the house instead of the brutal streets in Brooklyn, New York where he grew up.

Gerard’s youth was a raw as it gets. Abandoned by his mother at a tender age, he found complete solace gaming, honing in on his skill with hours and honors of consistent game play. In his early teens, Gerard developed a love for music, rap and sports. He soon delved more heavily into music as a way to express himself during the trials and woes of life. At the age of 14, his brother bestowed the nickname “Jackal-Flarez” (shortened to “Jackal”) upon Gerard because as he pursued a career in hip-hop his energy was electrifying and his rap style was like a ‘wild dog’. Soon after, Gerard received an offer for a major recording deal with MC Chan that soon fell apart, leaving him victim to industry politics.

Fast-forward, Gerard soon donned the moniker HipHopGamer (HHG) and never looked back. Though he never lost his love for music, pursuing that as a career would soon take the backseat to his goal of marrying his love for gaming with developing a career that would lead him to garnering the HHG brand as we know it today.