Films to make you laugh, cry and order another bucket of beer

Asylum Poorhouse Movies

It’s like a secret movie club, but this time, you’re invited!

We’re not able to host live performances, but we can let a limited number of people into the theatre for intimate movie screenings that you won’t be able to see anywhere else!

And if you’re looking for popcorn or drinks during the movie, you can order them on your phone and they’ll be delivered to your seat.

Join us at Risata on the patio for drinks and dinner before your show and head right downstairs for your movie. Moviegoers will receive 15% off their tab at Risata!

Each film screens only one weekend, so get tickets now. Seats are limited due to social distance guidelines. The venue will be following the strictest cleaning procedures between showings.

Want to rent the theatre for a private screening? We can do that too! Drop us an email!


Sam Raimi’s 1992 cult classic “Army of Darkness” is the perfect horror comedy — featuring Bruce Campbell’s Ash from the Evil Dead franchise as he is trapped in the Middle Ages, battles the undead and works to return to his own era. So don’t waste time! Get someone to cover your shift at S-Mart, grab your boomstick and get down to Asylum Poorhouse Movies because seats are limited. Sound good? Groovy.

Thursday, Septemper 10th at 9 pm
Friday, September 11th at 9 pm
Saturday, September 12th at 9 pm

“Army of Darkness” Tickets