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The Hustle Showcase

Improv Asylum NYC is excited to announce we are accepting submissions for our new show, The Hustle Showcase. Every Thursday night starting on July 25th at 8:00pm we’ll host this show at the iconic Chelsea theater that Improv Asylum now calls home.

What is The Hustle?

Each show will feature two or three groups performing a 20-minute set. There will then be an intermission followed by a quick set by members of Improv Asylum’s Main Stage cast. The show will then end with a jam from members of all the groups performing a final improv set.

What we are looking for:

Original comedic voices and groups that are looking to put on one hell of a comedy show. Improv, sketch, musical, theatrical, experimental, doesn’t matter to us. What matters is that you are serious about your work and are looking to put in the hustle and effort it takes to make a show succeed.

What we’re not really looking for:

Straight up standup (we love it, just not for this show), Harolds (not really our style), or shows that do not have a unique edge. We want creative groups trying out new and entertaining sets.


There are so many talented groups and fantastic shows in New York and not enough stage time for them all. Improv Asylum wants to make sure we share our stage with comedians and performers who are working hard make it in comedy and entertainment and want to showcase their talents.

To what end?

As the name suggest, this is a showcase. If the producers like what they see, groups will be asked back to continue being a part of the Hustle or possibly get a more-consistently running weekly or monthly show in residency at Improv Asylum. Shows in residency at our theater are entitled to ticket splits for their shows.

Who should submit for The Hustle?

We’re looking for groups or shows that have an original take on their form of comedy, and/or who have a dedicated audience/fan base. Ideally, these would be groups that have experience performing together and have had successful runs or performances at other venues. The success of the group’s performance will a large factor in whether that group is invited back for another slot in future Hustle show dates.

What criteria determines if a show is selected to come back as part of a run?

Certainly there are many things that go in to the selection process, but on a very top line level; is the show funny? Is the show original? Did the show bring in an audience? Are the performers professional and easy to work/communicate with?

Ok, we’re ready to showcase at The Hustle. How do I submit my show?

Fill out this form! The Hustle Showcase Submission Form

Last thoughts:

The Hustle Showcase is designed to create meaningful stage times for comedy artists of all stripes, colors, creeds, and points of view. Improv Asylum does not hold to any particular dogma or school of thought regarding comedy. Just as there are many different ways to play rock n’ roll, Improv Asylum knows that there are a wide variety of ways to present comedy. We welcome any one who is serious about their craft wants to see comedy coin to grow and move forward in New York.