Live, Virtual and Free!

Anything for Money

Looking for your Improv Asylum fix?
Jonesing for a night out with friends old and new?
Want that t-shirt the host is wearing?
How about a new couch? 

Anything for Money” brings Improv Asylum’s legendary brand of comedy right to your screen. Our newest online show, an improv-based variety show complete with audience-interactive bits that will make this one stream you’ll want to watch live.

Improv Asylum CEO Norm Laviolette hosts a revolving slate of ensemble members from our casts and welcomes special alumni and guest performers each week for a fast and funny show that starts with improv but quickly becomes something far more interactive than anything you’ve ever experienced. 

The show is free, but you can literally buy anything on the screen that you see! The shirt off an actor’s back, absolutely. A scene you want to see? Why not? Make an actor eat a whole can of sardines, hell yeah. We’ll do anything for money! 

Broadcast from a set at Laugh Boston, “Anything for Money” gives the streaming audience the ability to buy set pieces and wardrobe from the show. If you like what you see, go for it– ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is for sale! Want to pay for something special? Try us. We’ll do anything for money.

Anything for Money will stream on Friday, October 30th at 10 pm!

Watch it live here!