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Jeremy Brothers

Jeremy Brothers

 Jeremy Brothers is the Artistic Director of Improv Asylum, a veteran of the main stage cast, director of the NXT cast. He co-created Improv Asylum's Vanity Project, which aired on WCVB-ABC. He swore in 2007 he'd never direct the main stage cast again. Well, guess what? Things change. Change with them or die. 

Jeremy is the also creator of a variety of shows including “All the Single Ladies,” “Andy Warhol’s Christmas Special,” “Uncomfortable Holiday Moments,” and the original musical “You’re A Good Man, Scott Brown” with Jim Zaroulis. In addition, Jeremy also serves as the Director of the Training Center here at Improv Asylum. He can also be seen (albeit, very briefly) in the film “Bride Wars.”

Special thanks to the main stage cast and crew, the "All the Single Ladies" cast and crew, everyone in the corporate office, the front of house staff, his family and friends for their support and to The Leathergang, for making his week — every week. If he's forgetting anyone, assume it's purposeful. 

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Jeremy hails originally from Tewksbury, the former carnation capital of the world.



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