February 14, 2022

IA Innovation’s Virtual Corporate Trainings Keep You Energized

IA Innovation is working hard to bring you Virtual Corporate Trainings that will break the monotony of your meetings.

We seek to give your virtual trainings energy, humor, creativity, and a sense of purpose often missing in the new online world.

How Often Have You Heard The Following?

Let’s connect soon. We should get together as soon as we can. Can we connect? I thought I would reach out….

Too often?

You read these in emails addressed to coworkers, direct reports, team leaders, or sales targets- but what does it really mean?

Are they just asides to appease both the sender and recipient?

Do we really mean it?

We all know what the pandemic has done to us all on a personal level.

Furthermore, we all have stories to tell about the impact and toll it has taken on our families and friends.

Is it possible, however, to measure how it has drastically changed our work lives, our interactions with fellow team members, our collective need to be seen, heard, praised, encouraged, and motivated?

This is exactly what IA Innovation online training programs seek to answer.


The World Is Changing: And Virtual Corporate Trainings Are Changing With It

We get it!

We were all forced to adjust to this new world of remote isolation. Not only have we been left to navigate this new virtual box, but we now also need to learn how to maintain ourselves in this new experience.

We have all attended, led, and learned from the dry and continued monotony of a virtual meeting.

Furthermore, we all have forgotten (purposely or not) that we need to unmute ourselves, and turn our cameras on.

It’s been rough.

At IA innovation, we get it.


IA Innovation Online Training Can Help Keep The Energy Up

Improv Asylum Co-Founder Norm Laviolette leading a virtual training to a global audience.

At IA Innovation, we are honored to have had the opportunity to work with companies that truly get what matters. Organizations that understand that the ability to keep their teams engaged, inspired, and motivated, is an important skill to have.

Our innovative, impactful, fun-filled employee and leadership training programs have been delivered all over the globe!

Live and in person, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading companies to offer fun and engaging virtual training solutions that are unique to our brand!

Yes, that was before the world changed in 2020. However, with forward-thinking companies looking to optimize employee engagement, we have been able to help keep global teams energized, smiling, learning, and laughing.

And that is exactly what we did with industry-leading folks like Nexthink and Bizzabo!


At Nexthink, our forward-thinking virtual training session kept the company moving.

Nexthink– the leader in digital employee experience management software- understands the importance of keeping their global team energized, organized, and motivated.

As part of their continuing effort, they brought on IA Innovation to implement a virtual training program for its 800 + Nexthinkers.

In truly global fashion, IA Innovation live-streamed its fun, impactful, online corporate training program to a variety of countries.

This includes the following: Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Spain, India, the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, the Nordics, and of course, the United States of America.

Our IA Innovation training program utilized 25 breakout sessions within the overall program. Our virtual facilitators were also a global effort. They led breakouts from the likes of Beijing, Ireland, the US, and even South America.


IA Innovation and Nexthink Made an Impact With Online Training

The cast performs a virtual training for NextThink.

Nexthink knows that as the remote and hybrid work environment evolves, keeping their teams engaged and energized needs to be a priority. When it comes to committing to solving that problem, they are among the best in the business!

“Humor is a powerful way to deliver a message. It’s memorable and breaks up the normal cadence of business communication.” Meg Donovan, Chief People Officer at Nexthink pointed out.

“The fundamentals of improv can really help drive ideas forward in a professional setting; thinking in terms of ‘yes, and…’ rather than simply ‘no’ or ‘but how?’ can help maintain momentum, especially in a virtual capacity. These were all valuable takeaways from our session with the IA Innovation team.”


Through Problem Solving and Comedy, Bizzabo Broke the Monotony!

For award-winning software company Bizzabo, recognizing that keeping their workforce engaged and motivated was essential.

They worked with IA Innovation to move well beyond any normal policy and procedural training, hosting an online training session that utilized the skills specific to IA Innovation.

This not only helped their team break through the monotony and isolation of remote work, but also helped Bizzabo continue their company’s mission: bringing people together.

With IA innovation’s approach and production capabilities, Bizzabo had its entire team together on one live stream for an engaging employee training.

With our help, the conducted a cross country live stream: powered by laughter and learning, and led by a virtual trainer from IA Innovation.


How Can An IA Innovation Online Corporate Training Help You?

IA Innovation’s ability to reach any team or employee across the globe has created a sense of client appreciation (and laughter) heard around the world.

We all need to think outside of the box to keep employees engaged and motivated. That’s where our immersive learning programs come in.

We have been forced to look inwards and become too introspective in response to the pandemic.

Due to this, the risk of jeopardizing our connection with others is stronger than ever. Connections that are paramount for a productive, satisfied, and successful team.

While we always need to adapt to the current corporate environment, we do not have to stop encouraging, energizing, smiling, learning, and laughing with our peers.

Keep on connecting, keep on being inclusive, keep on pumping up your teams! It is, virtually, the only answer moving forward.


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