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Improv Asylum Training Center – NYC

Whether you’re trying improv for the first time, or are a professional actor looking to add to your repertoire of skills – Improv Asylum can help you achieve your goals.

Our philosophy on improvisation is simple: we teach you the essentials of good scene work. By learning the essential tools that lead to good scene work, students can apply them to whatever style of improv, acting or writing that they so choose. We emphasize confident choices and unfailing support of your scene partner. And we do this in an environment that is above all fun and accessible to all experience levels.



  • To learn how to think faster
  • To be a better, more confident public speaker
  • To tap into your comedic voice
  • To think more creatively
  • To perform better in auditions
  • To work with top improv professionals with years of experience
  • To laugh and have fun


Email us if you have questions about our Training Center and how it can help you reach your personal goals.

Upcoming Classes

This 9-week class is an introduction to improvisational techniques and skills. An emphasis is placed on working in a group, working with a scene partner while learning to share the space, and basic scene structure. Students will leave Level 1 with a strong understanding of the concept of “Yes, and,” object work, and physical movement on stage.

The class culminates with a mini-performance of all of the skills learned throughout Level 1 in front of your invited guests on the final day of class.


There Are No Level One Classes Being Offered At This Time. Check Back Soon!

Level 2 explores and heightens the concepts and ideas introduced in Level 1. Emphasis is placed on developing a point of view on stage and basic scene work for performance.


**Students that have taken Improv Levels 1 and 2 at a comparable Training Center are eligible to start in Improv Asylum’s Training Center at Level 2. Please email for more information.**

There are no Level 2 classes being offered at this time. Please check back soon!

Improv Asylum’s Level 3 builds upon the Point of View tools introduced in the previous level to enable students to create more fully realized characters for scene work. Students will work on identifying their range and expanding their comfort zones by experimenting in low-pressure, playful environment. Particular attention will be paid to maintaining a character for the duration of a scene — emphasizing facial, vocal, physical, and kinesthetic consistency. While the majority of this class will focus on characters for improvised scene work, additional areas covered include monologues, duologues and identifying characters that may be better served in written material.

This class is intended for students that have completed Level 1 and 2 in Improv Asylum’s Training Center or students that have completed any foundation levels in a comparable training center. If you have any questions about eligibility, please email

There Are No Level 3 Classes Starting Right Now. Check Back Soon!

This nine week level focuses on scene structure: defining the beginning, middle and ending of scenes, finding the game with your scene partner, and different ways to manipulate the energy of a scene.


Prerequisite: Levels 1-3 at Improv Asylum or completion of foundation levels at a comparable improv training center or theater school.

There Are No Level 4 Classes Being Offered At This Time. Check Back Soon.

Level 1 Instructor

Trevor was born on Cape Cod and moved to Boston to study acting and writing at Suffolk University in 2006. Trevor spent the next eight years traveling around North America performing improv and sketch comedy with his award-winning college improv troupe and with the critically-acclaimed Improv Asylum Boston cast. In 2014 Trevor took his talents and student loan debt to the Big Apple where he performs in the shows Simply Unemloyable, Angry Landlord, and Small Talk. You can also check him out playing obnoxious football fans on or really showing his range as a Jock in the “80’s Bullies” Geico commercial. Follow him on Twitter @hoagiejr because that is what all the kids are doing. Trevor thanks you, his sister Alex, and his mom and dad (an even better twitter follow @hoagie64) and hopes you enjoy the show.

Trevor Livingston