Risata at Improv Asylum

Although our comedy theater is still closed for live performances, Improv Asylum has two great options for people this weekend. How about dinner and a show? Not together, of course. Friday night at 10 PM, we’re streaming Anything for Money, a virtual variety show for free! It’s a show where anything can happen… if people will pay enough to see it. And for dinner, we have Risata!

Risata (Italian for Laughter) is open Thursdays through Saturdays on the patio on Hanover Street in Boston’s North End, featuring Frosé, craft cocktails, wine, and beer. The menu will feature lighter fare provided from some of the North End’s most loved restaurants: Lucca, Dolce Vita, Taranta, and Mother Anna’s.

Haven’t been yet? Come down this weekend — great food, great drinks, frosé and order a “Special Guest” to join you at your table and make you laugh. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with some of Boston’s most beloved comedians, reality tv stars and local celebrities to provide a whole new slate of special guests to join your party for a course or a cocktail. Book your guest now!

Because really, we all need someone new to talk to these days, right? An Improv Asylum comedian will join you and your guest right at your table, for some laughs, some bits, or… if you just need a shoulder to cry on, well… we’ll get you set up right.

Our theater may not be open, but we will never stop making people smile.

Nobody sums it up better than Improv Asylum’s CEO and owner Norm Laviolette: “We improvise for a living. Our entire business model is based on the idea of people coming together in groups to laugh and have a good time. Since we can’t do that at the moment, we needed to get creative and find new ways to activate our space. Risata at Improv Asylum is a way to remind everyone that we are still here, and we still will be when the world is open again for laughter and live comedy.”


Thursdays from 6 pm until 10 pm
Fridays and Saturdays from 6 pm until 11 pm

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