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The NXT Cast

August 31, 2014 (8:00PM)

Improv Asylum's freshest cast, the NXT is back --with two entirely new, all-different revues created by two new casts!

On Sundays at 8pm, the cast of Stations of the Crossfit offers up a hilarious show with both improv and sketch with scenes and songs that will make you think twice before ever using airbnb again, rethink the paelo craze and asks the pressing question -- where does the line between hipster end and lesbian begin?

On Wednesdays at 8pm, One Nation, Indespicable lays out a sketch and improv revue with scenes and songs about the future of Guantanamo, babies made from Gluten, the world's best yo-yo artiste and some high-flying acrobatics that have to be seen to be believed.



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