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Sketch Grad Show: Bastille the Spotlight

July 14, 2014 (8:00PM)

Sketch Grad Show: Bastille the Spotlight

Monday, July 14th
BASTILLE THE SPOTLIGHT:  A Sketch Comedy Révolution
One night only! On Monday, July 14th at 8pm, the comedy writing of our advanced sketch students will be showcased on Improv Asylum’s stage. Come see “Bastille the Spotlight,” a show of hilarious, twisted writing that was generated and honed in Improv Asylum’s Level 3 comedy writing course.
Directed by Marty Johnson
This showcase will be performed by actors from IA Mainstage, NXT and House Teams casts! And it’s FREE.
* Tickets are free, but reserving them ahead of time is strongly encouraged. Tickets can be reserved in blocks of four by calling 617-263-6887.
Remember -- the show is at 8pm! Tickets not claimed by 7:30pm will be released to the general public.  



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