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Tony Passafiume

Tony PassafiumeAlright here we go ya'll! Tony is very excited to be performing in his second Mainstage revue at Improv Asylum! He was born and raised in Miami, the city where the heat is on, but now calls Boston home. He graduated from Suffolk University with a degree in Theatre, and was also a member of their award-winning improv troupe, Seriously Bent. After graduation, Tony jumped at the chance to perform on Improv Asylum's NXT cast and the rest is history. One time Tony was at a bar and saw Tom Cruise getting into his car, and he ran outside and tapped him on shoulder. Tom turned around and said "What’s up man?" Tony stared into his big beautiful blue eyes and said, "The Last Samurai was awesome." Tom said “thanks man,” and got into his car and drove off. He also served two margaritas to Sting (he likes his margaritas with little ice and no salt). He is also an award winning Mime in South Florida. He'd like to thank his family, friends, and fellow castmates for all their support.


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