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The Booby Trap

Mondays are the worst thing know, for people with day jobs and purpose. 
The Booby Trap can help reshape your brutal day. Well, sort of. Life is tough. We’ll try.
Shake that gnarly Monday off and come pretend that you didn’t stare at electronic spreadsheets and your boss’s unusual wardrobe choice all day. 

With its ever-evolving show format (that means you’ll never know what you’re gonna get!), The Booby Trap features hilarious improvisational comedy from members of our Main Stage, NXT cast and Training Center. If you’re lucky, a Main Stage alum may drop in. If you’re unlucky, we’ll lay face down on the stage and act like dead fish for 90 minutes. JK, that would be the rudest. (But also kind of glorious.) 

Can't make the show at exactly at 8? Come late. It’s Monday... Like, whatever.
We don't care.

Mondays at 8pm
Tickets are $5





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