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Located in the heart of Boston's North End
216 Hanover Street, Boston, MA
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The Booby Trap

The Booby Trap

Work all weekend and feel like there is nothing to do on "your Saturday"? Come down to Improv Asylum and party like you only have to brunch the next day! Featuring two shows for the price of one -- sketch and improv in February and March!

8pm: Mrs. Peanut Presents: Good Morning 2 You!

Township 73's flagship morning show "Good Morning 2 You!" is here to answer all of the hard hitting questions plauging the area.  Is the threatening chimp who laid claim to the playground still there? Will it be raining acid, frogs, and/or acidic frogs tomorrow?  What's a Bitcoin?  You'll get all of that information and presumeably more from hosts Jimmy and Colin Olsen as they catch you up on all of the exciting things that happened between the time the real news went off the air last night and this morning. And there'll be guests!  Hanson perhaps? Perhaps!  You'll have to tune in and find out.

9pm: Whatever I Want!!

Mainstage alum Kiley Fitzgerald will bring on a variety of guests from Boston's different scenes, from your favorite Bartenders to the people that tattoo you, they will let our improvisors borrow their life's story to create scenes right on the spot. Featuring improvisors from Improv Asylum's Main Stage, NXT and Training Center






No More Group Hugs with Brad From Accounting

Adult Ed (Without Creepy Ed)