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216 Hanover Street, Boston, MA
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The NXT Cast

Two new NXT casts are hard at work putting together their summer revues for Improv Asylum. Check out the Sunday cast's premiere on July 6th, and the Wednesday cast's premiere on July 9th!


Wednesdays and Sundays at 8pm


Wednesday's Cast: 
Annie Castellano
Bryan Hoy
Alex Kagy
Mark O'Connell
Ceara O'Sullivan
Bryan Patterson

Sunday's Cast:
Marissa Buie
Matt Griffin
Eric LaMonica
Ryan McFarland
Patrick Parhiala
Kristina Smarz

Directed by : Jeremy Brothers 

Music by: Bill Wurts

Tech: Andy Bridges

No More Group Hugs with Brad From Accounting

Adult Ed (Without Creepy Ed)