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Everything Is Literally Terrible All The Time

You're Welcome

If you're Alison Royer, Everything Is Literally Terrible All The Time. This one-woman show, directed by Dave Razowsky, twists and turns to find anything that's going well. Whether it be love, career, or pants, Alison reports that everything is wrong...all the time. But that doesn't mean she stops trying (and failing) to make things work. 

Wed., Sept. 17th, 8pm


Alison Royer is a Chicago native and avid Bears fan. She received her B.A. in theater from Columbia College Chicago and also completed the programs at Second City’s Conservatory and The Annoyance Theater. In 2005, Alison moved to Boston where she wrote and performed several mainstage reviews at Improv Asylum. Since moving to Los Angeles, she performs a bi-monthly show called Date Night at The Westside Comedy Theater and performed on the I.O. Harold Team, Tatanka. She is represented commercially by Commercial Talent and managed by Puddle Management.

David Razowsky is the former artistic director of the Second City Los Angeles and has written, performed in, and directed several Second City Chicago revues. During his tenure as a performer at Second City, he worked with Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jeff Garlin, and Amy Sedaris, among others. He directed two of Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago productions and is credited with creating Boom’s signature live on-stage video production. He is a co-founder of The Annoyance Theatre, and has written for The Simpsons Comic and The Simpsons nationally syndicated Sunday comic strip. David has appeared on Spin City, Roseanne, The Young and the Restless and Late Night with David Letterman as the voice of Albert Brook’s parrot. David and his improv partner, Carrie Clifford, perform Razowsky and Clifford in improv fests around the globe. 

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