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Cami Aponte

Meet Cami, our Marketing Co-op here at Improv Asylum. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in South Florida, Cami is a third-year student at Northeastern University, majoring in Music & Communications with a concentration in Music Industry and minoring in Psychology. When she’s not in class, at her desk in the IA office, or ushering in the theater, Cami can be found hula hooping somewhere in the city, or biking around, usually while holding a couple dozen hula hoops, trying very hard not to fall and die. Cami is also the founder & president of Boston Flow, an eclectic arts community centered around movement, creativity, collaboration, and community outreach. Cami’s favorite kind of comedy can be found in cartoons such as Rick & Morty and Archer. She also loves nature, food, and her fat cat, Puddles. But mostly food. It’s a problem.

Cami is stoked to study abroad sometime in the next year, and aspires to host a music & arts festival through Boston Flow someday in the future. Currently, she is focusing on developing her skills as a professional hoop dancer by the name of Saturn. She’d like to give a shout-out to her Mom, Dad, and sister, Andrea, for always being so unconditionally supportive, no matter how badly she screws up. 



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