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Half Cocked

Half Cocked

It’s Thirsty Thursday—and let’s be real—where else can you see a hilarious improv show that’s based off the dialogue of wasted monologists? Join us for our daring, new show Half Cocked!
Here’s how it works, fun folks: We’ll make sure our expert is super blasted—yep, breathalyzers will be involved (Kind of like that night back in '06 that you want to forget happened). 

They’re going to educate you and their peers on a specific topic. Topics change per show... They could range from Britney Spears to the Battle of Scheveningen (the first Anglo-Dutch War!). Believe them. They're experts.

After the expert is done blabbing (and burping, probably) – the Half Cocked cast will deliver super-hilarious improv based on the expert's rhetoric. 

Oh, did we mention you get free admission with purchase to Thursday night's Main Stage Show? You're welcome. Cheers!

2/23 - Wes Schrimsher - The History of Hip Hop

Select Thursdays at 10pm
Tickets: $10

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