Improv Asylum
Located in the heart of Boston's North End
216 Hanover Street, Boston, MA
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Now Playing

Check out all of the shows now playing!

           8PM              House Teams

Tuesdays               8PM              The NXT Cast

       8PM              Vanity Project

Thursdays             8PM              The Main Stage Show
                               10PM            Half Cocked

Fridays                 7:30PM         The Main Stage Show
                              10PM             The Main Stage Show
                              12AM            The Show Against Humanity

Saturday              3PM               The Best of Improv Asylum 
                              5PM               Main Stage Happy Hour
                              7:30PM         The Main Stage Show
                              10PM            The Main Stage Show
                              12AM            Raunch

Sunday                 4PM              Frannie 
                              8PM              NXT: Air Farce One

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