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Two Person Scenes into Two Person Shows

This elective is an intensive in two-person scene work, looking to strengthen commitment to scenes by aggressively leaning into point of view and emotion. Understanding the two-person scene as the basic building block, students will gain a greater sense of comfort and ease being on stage for varying lengths of time. Particular emphasis will be placed on taking these scenic skills to conceive and develop unique and distinctive two person shows in regard to pacing, editing, genre and theme.

This class is intended for students enrolled in Improv Asylum's Training Center Levels 3 or above. Students with similar experience may ask to register by contacting with an email describing their background and training.

This class is limited to ten people and will run for three hours for three weeks

  • Sundays, September 28th - October 12th, 2pm - 5pm

    If you'd be interested in taking this workshop if it were offered again at a later date, please email

Jeremy Brothers is the Artistic Director of Improv Asylum, a veteran of the main stage cast and director of the Training Center. He co-created Improv Asylum's Vanity Project and "You're A Good Man, Scott Brown." He has been one half of a variety of two person shows, including The Menace, Punch for Punch and Flight, or Invisibility.

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