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Sketch Grad Show

6-8 Inches

Monday, March 2nd

One night only! On Monday, March 2nd at 7pm, the comedy writing of our advanced students will be showcased on Improv Asylum’s stage. Come see “6-8 Inches,” a showcase of brilliant sketches that were generated and honed in Improv Asylum’s Level 3 comedy writing course. 

Directed by Marty Johnson

This show will be performed by actors from IA Mainstage, NXT and House Teams casts! And it’s FREE.

Written by:

Mary Largenton
Mike McDonald
Michael Trainor
Bill Fryer
Stephanie Simon
Amma Marfo


Christine Cuddy
Brian DiBello
Steve Dooher
Kelly Dooley
Matt Griffin
Vicki Hanes
Tim Johnson

* Tickets are free, but reserving them ahead of time is strongly encouraged. Tickets can be reserved in blocks of four by calling 617-263-6887.
Remember -- the show is at 7pm! Tickets not claimed by 6:30pm will be released to the general public.  

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