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Comedy Writing Classes

Our Training Center has a whole new set of classes for individuals who are interested in creating written material. These classes have weekly writing assignments to be done outside of class, but also please bring a notebook and something to write with each week for in-class assignments.

Our classes are intended for ages 18 and up.

Course Overviews

 -Students will learn the basics of formatting sketch and write grounded dialogue. Particular emphasis will be on defining a scene’s game. Particular scene structures will be explored as well as writing for characters. In-class work will also consist of writing exercises, and reading/discussing student assignments. Outside of class, students will be expected to complete writing assignments and to attend at least one Improv Asylum resident cast revue (Main Stage or NXT casts). No experience necessary.
  • Thursdays, 6:00pm - 8:00pm, 9/7/17 - 10/12/17
    $260 | Register Now!

 - Students will focus on generating content utilizing parody and satire. These concepts will be explored fully as they apply to political satire, commercial parody and everything between. Additional structures introduced include monologues and blackouts. Students will be expected to incorporate notes from the instructor to revise sketches as well as write new pieces simultaneously. Students will explore the use of improvisation in the sketch writing process and learn other revision tools.  Level 1 Comedy Writing prerequisite.

There are no upcoming Comedy Writing Level 2 classes at this time. Check back soon!



Students will learn to write sketches using advanced scene structures. Additionally, using improvisational elements as part of a sketch will be explored. Comedy song writing will be introduced, with students rewriting and preparing the material generated in Levels 1-3 for a final revue.  Level 2 Comedy Writing prerequisite.

  • Wednesdays, 6:00pm - 8:00pm, 9/27/17 - 11/1/17
    $260 | Register Now!


 -Students will work with a director to audition outside actors to rehearse their material. The director will work with the sketch writing students to guide the actors, tech and music through a rehearsal process. Particular emphasis on writing in this level is on topical issues that will serve a final sketch revue that will be open to general audiences. Additional time outside of class is required for a tech rehearsal and the final revue. Level 3 Comedy Writing prerequisite.

Unfortunately, there are no new Level 4 classes being offered at this time- check back soon!

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