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Customized Workshops for your School or Organization

Improv Asylum offers workshops for groups of teachers or students both on-site at our resident theater in Boston's North End or at your school.

Student Workshops:

Our customized workshops can suit the needs of groups that are looking to build trust and get to know each other better as well as groups that have a great deal of experience working together. All of our workshops are geared specifically to your group’s needs and focus on teamwork, communication skills and creativity.

We have done workshops for middle schools, high schools, Odessy of the Mind groups, Junior Leagues and college troupes.  Often colleges will hire us to do a workshop for their improv troupe prior to one of our shows on their campus.

      Student workshops are typically 2-hours long.


Teacher Workshops:

Our customized teachers’ workshops are a great way for the teachers in your school to work on teamwork and communication skills. Through these workshops, teachers are given tools to help them think creatively and listen to each other while learning fun and interesting exercises to bring back to the classroom.

      Teacher workshops are typically 2.5-3 hours long.


Troupe Directing

Have a Troupe, but need Direction?

Want to start a troupe on your campus?

Your school can have the best! ~ Improv Asylum's Troupe Directors' Program

Improv Asylum is a nationally-recognized theater with professional improvisational actors and directors.  We have worked with and performed for colleges all over the country.  We have been featured on HBO and ABC and scouted by Comedy Central.  We provide everything you need to develop a successful college improv troupe.

Improv Asylum provides your school with a director for your college improv troupe.  The director oversees the troupe's schedule, assists with auditions and call-backs, attends 1 rehearsal/week and 2 productions/semester.  (The troupe can hold self-directed rehearsals more often if they choose.)

The students benefit from having direction from the top talent in the nation.  In addition, they can see shows for free at Improv Asylum, they are given notice of master workshops and internships at Improv Asylum and they are eligible to receive 10% off classes in Improv Asylum's Training Center (and may be eligible to take those classes for college credit).

Contact Jeremy Brothers for pricing and more information:



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