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And Now for Something Completely Different!

Signature Program

Getting to know you!
The signature training is our most popular program and the one that we are most frequently hired for.  It is a customized three-hour workshop. Throughout the session we continue to draw parallels to the specific training needs of the group.

Signature Series

Let's go steady…
Work regularly on important company issues. This intensive training will help your employees make gains faster than they normally would with a single program.


When a speaker's what you need
Customized, effective, engaging presentation on a variety of topics—from teamwork and communication principles, to humor in the workplace, to the story of how Improv Asylum became a nationally acclaimed comedy theater through its owners' entrepreneurial efforts. This option can be 1-2 presenters and can mix in entertainment into the event.

The IA Comedy Show Experience

It’s one thing to be trained by some of the best improv comedians in the world, it’s a whole other thing to have your team members BE the performers. In this inspiring team building workshop, Improv Asylum instructors will help your team members prepare an improv show that they will perform for each other (or better yet the whole company). Focusing on risk-taking, collaboration and trusting your teammates, Improv Asylum will turn everyday corporate employees into comedy pros (Well, maybe not pros). This workshop is a hilarious way to have team members stretch outside their comfort zone all the while creating a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.

Start Me Up

Designed specifically for Start Ups and rapidly growing organizations. The ability to adapt in the moment and tack to a new course are keys to survival. This intense program delivers the tools needed to navigate through the noise and focus on the objective.

Individual Coaching

Just the two of us…
Work one-on-one with our trainers to reap the rewards of improvisational training which can be applied to all areas of life.


Have it your way…
Pick any of our programs and put together a half-day or full-day program that will WOW your audience.

Add a show!

We'll take it from here…
Adding a private, customized show to the end of any training program is the perfect way for your audience to see the principles they just learned put into action - with the result being an incredibly entertaining series of comedic scenes.

Still curious? For more information, download our electronic press kit here.

Check out what NPR and Fast Company have to say about the benefits of bringing improv training to your organization.

Interested in a test drive? For more information, please email or call (617) 263-1300.

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