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Global Leaders in Innovative and Effective Training


"The days with Improv Asylum have made lasting impressions and the general feedback from
the vast majority of participants is that they learned something sustainable for their work and
their own professional development.

We are deeply convinced that the way Improv Asylum has defined to take leadership communication to the next level is unique in its approach and in its sustainable outcome for participants and company."  ~ Joachim Kuss, Director of Communications at Carl Zeiss (Germany)

We recently participated in MassChallenge's 2014 Boot Camp and provided our innovative and interactive Keynote training program for up to 180 start up companies. Helping early stage entrepreneurs win with MassChallenge, Improv Asylum kicked off day 1 of the Boot Camp by teaching valuable skill sets to help them get ahead of the pack and to stay there! 

Check out what MassChallenge and the boot campers had to say about us and our program!

Organizational Creativity.
Effective Communication.
"Out of the Box" Thinking.

Change Management.
Active Listening.
Conflict Resolution.
Presentation Skills.

These are all catch phrases that attempt to pin down what it takes to "make it" in today's corporate world.

You know that regardless of the title, you need a results-oriented training that's going to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Find out why companies like Verizon, Dunkin' Donuts and Harvard University have used Improv Asylum to gain their competitive edge.

Corporate Training

You won't be building popsicle-stick boats...

Improv Asylum is a professional improvisational and sketch comedy theater. The techniques we use in our training sessions to break down the conventional barriers in corporate thinking are the same ones we use on stage to create our critically-acclaimed comedy. By employing improvisational techniques, Improv Asylum helps individuals, teams and whole companies start to communicate and work together more effectively.

This isn't touchy-feely stuff. Trust us; we wouldn't be doing it if it were. Our trainers are very funny, our trainings are a lot of fun and we definitely take a learn-by-doing approach. Our trainers also have extensive experience in corporate, non-profit and even military environments. They relate all of the exercises we do to current trends in the corporate world and to those in your own company.

...You Will Be Building Better Ideas.

Improv Asylum works with you to identify your corporate goals and pinpoint existing problems requiring resolution before we conduct your training session. We then create a program that meets your needs and timing.

When Guinness needed to shift gears and redefine its brand in the United States, it started with its promotional teams. After one improv workshop, these teams, who had not worked together before, were performing cohesively out in the field. Representatives from regional sales and corporate headquarters alike saw the benefits almost immediately and even the skeptics became proponents of the process. Guinness even re-hired Improv Asylum to design a Boston promotion that was so successful it was expanded to New York and Connecticut.


Still curious? For more information, download our electronic press kit here.

Check out what NPR and Fast Company have to say about the benefits of bringing improv training to your organization.  Need more?  Here's what  Inc. Magazine is saying and Slate!

Interested in a test drive? For more information, please email or call (617) 263-1300. 


Improv Asylum trains The Boston Celtics at Laugh Boston.


Improv Asylum trains Google UK at the St. James Theatre in London.

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