Improv Asylum
Located in the heart of Boston's North End
216 Hanover Street, Boston, MA
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Meeting + Conference Planners AGE - Asylum Gaming and ESports Main Stage Happy Hour (And A Half) Half Cocked
08/27 5:00 PM - Main Stage Happy Hour (And A Half)
08/27 7:30 PM - Main Stage Show
08/27 10:00 PM - Main Stage Show
08/27 11:59 PM - Raunch
08/28 8:00 PM - NXT Presents: It's A Wonderful So-Called Life
08/29 8:00 PM - Summer NXT: Monday
08/30 7:30 PM - House Teams
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Meet the Inmates: Cami Aponte - Marketing Assistant/Usher Cami tells us about usher horror stories, flow arts, and her upcoming event at Laugh Boston, Boston Floyd.
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Meet the Inmates - Anne Krane - Anne discusses her run in The Best of Improv Asylum at Laugh Boston, the joys of crying, and people getting handsy in the audience.
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Cool as a cucumber. - Vote for Improv Asylum to be one of the Coolest Companies in Boston!
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Meet the Inmates: Alex Davis - Alex Davis spills about teching and performing at IA, as well as his dance and theater background.
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